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I would recommend WJJS to anyone… My association with Ju Jitsu began over 16 years ago when I had the good fortune to train with Gary Lovatt, an experience I have cherished. Since then a succession of bad experiences, including a serious injury, at various clubs (NOT run by Gary Lovatt / WJJS) has kept me away. In the end my desire to train won over, and not having found a better instructor, I tracked down Gary Lovatt. To this end I have just travelled from Cheshire to St Andrews to train with Gary Lovatt and WJJS. Fantastic! After all the waiting I wasn’t disappointed. I loved it!  Having the opportunity to train with Gary Lovatt after all this time was a privilege. I was immediately made to feel welcome by him & his family, his team and the other students. I was a little nervous after so long away, but I couldn’t have wished for a more positive experience. I felt safe, supported and encouraged, a proper family atmosphere. I won’t deny it, it was a challenge, but I will definitely be returning. I only wish there was a WJJS club closer however, I will be going to future WJJS master classes & their national events.
Chris Nightingale, Cheshire
"I recently attended a WJJS course in Fife and it was brilliant.  From there I was put in contact with my local club, which I now attend, and it too is fantastic.  They have a great system of learning and you always feel that you are making progress after every lesson.  Very friendly and I feel valued as a student in this martial art.  Also there is none of that macho stuff that some 'instructors' feel the need to display. "
J. Hayton, Fife
"I have just started training in Ju-Jitsu again and have joined the WJJS, Glasgow club.  They are really friendly and welcoming.  They certainly do what they say, the instruction is fantastic, a relaxed atmosphere and they modify everything to the individual.  A great organisation.  If you are looking for a outstanding martial art club, run by outstanding people, WJJS all the way."
Iain.C. Glasgow
"My wife and I started Ju-Jitsu for fun with no great ambitions or goals. We kept training because we enjoyed the mental and physical challenge of learning new techniques in a supportive, controlled and very flexible environment. Having a well qualified instructor who was approachable, relaxed, confident, but always in control, was vital to our training. We managed to attain our Black Belts which on day one seemed a very unlikely prospect! Individual support from WJJS was fantastic.  Now my children are old enough to learn I have no hesitation in bringing them to the club and know the sport will build their confidence and stamina."
Richard Marriott, MSc, BSC(Hons)Psych, GCGI, MCQI. Dundee
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